Compare and contrast two portraits by Picasso( NO BLUE PERIOD)

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Choose two Picasso’s portraits(Do not use Blue Period Works).500 to 800 words that clearly compare and contrast the use of the Visual Elements and Design Principles as listed on your Glossary. Refer to the Glossary for the correct use of art terms as well. This paper is to be typed and printed out for class. Use 10 point Times that is double spaced. Do include the two portraits you are comparing and contrasting in this MS Word file and be sure to include the title, size, date, and medium the portrait was created in, for example is it a watercolor or an oil painting. Do run spell check. Proofread your work to be sure it is well written. Be detailed and focus on what you see in your own words. No biographical information is needed. No stories about the artists life. Just focus on seeing the portraits and writing in great detail how you see – light, shape, values, contrast, color, texture, line, space, balance, focal point, unity and variety, proportion and scale – all in your own words.

There are the lists of glossary you may need.

Everything must by your own.

No references.

Pictures should be included in the Word file.

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