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Both the five article talks about white colour crimes which are either related to insider trading of stocks or fraudulent opening of banks accounts like Wells Fargo bank. “Fraud on the Market” talks about the cases on stock market frauds. In such cases, the plaintiff should prove that the alleged misinterpretations was material and was publicly known; besides the stock was traded in an efficient market (Despo, 2015). “SEC Charges Martha Stewart, Broker Peter Bacanovic with Illegal Insider trading also addresses court cases involving security frauds (Carlin, 2003). Just like in “Mathematicians for Martha” the article addresses the unfair game of insider trading which gives one an edge on the market. Also, the two articles address the illegality of the company’s insiders buying stocks after learning of secret technical advances by his company. “Notes from a little Fish” also addresses the case of insider trading which took place at the Wall Street whereby “the big people” who orchestrated the fraud were never caught instead only the so-called the “small fish” were prosecuted (Winan, 2003). The further explores how the Wall Street insider trading affected so many brokerage houses such that there was no other option other than selling them off. The cases of insider trading seem not to be getting over despite having negative effects on companies. The article “The Big Wells Fargo Picture….” explores fraudulent account openings at Well Fargo while the rest explores security stock trade frauds (Brodwin, 2016). White collar crimes like the Fraudulent opening of bank accounts and stock market frauds exist but are difficult to detect. However, they should be prevented by all means due to their adverse effects on companies.

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