Colorado Mountain College Biology cAMP pathway GPCRS Question

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For the drawing assignment you will diagram the signal transduction pathways introduced in the signal transduction learning module and include details of the mechanisms of each step within the pathways. For example, is something acting as a GEF? Or is a second messenger being produced? Is it an amplification step? Is a kinase phosphorylating a target protein? Those are all examples of signal transduction pathway mechanisms that involve transducing one step of the pathway to the next.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you engage with the learning module and lectures on signal transduction in an active way in order to better understand how different cellular pathways transduce their signals within cells.

Drawing Details:

For this assignment you will draw the following:

1. The steps & mechanisms of the cAMP pathway

2. The steps & mechanisms of the PLC pathway

3. The steps & mechanisms of the RTK-MAPK pathway

4. The steps & mechanisms of the Wnt pathway

  • For the pathway diagrams, briefly explain the mechanisms of each step of the pathways. In other words, understand how each protein or molecule functions to relay the signal to the next step, rather than just listing the order of proteins/molecules in the pathway. (Make sure to identify where the second messengers are and how they relate to amplification.)
  • Here is a quick example that shows just one of the pathways you must draw (the PLC pathway) to give you an idea of what I mean. (Note: this is just one of the pathways; your assignment is to draw all four pathways.) The important part is that you include all steps of the pathway AND briefly describe what is happening.

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