College of San Mateo Human Impacts on Aquatic Biomes Discussion

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  • The purpose of this assignment is to get us thinking more deeply about human impacts on aquatic biomes.
  • We will watch a 6-minute video and then respond to prompts with a short essay.
  • You will upload your essay as online text (e.g. copy and paste, or type it in the box).
  • Please click the “Submit Assignment” button to get started with writing the essay after you’ve watched the video.


Questions to Consider

  1. What are the major aquatic biome types?
  2. Which of these biomes do we find in the San Francisco Bay Area?
  3. How do humans directly impact aquatic biomes?


  • 10 points total
  • Write to the questions, outlined above
  • 200 minimum words total
  • Complete sentences
  • Proper spelling and grammar

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