College of Alameda Glycogen Storage Disease Discussion

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pick a disease to write about and

You MUST cite the source of your information for credit!

  • Use: Author(s). Date of article/post). Title of Website. Host of website. URL of website.
  • [Do NOT use blogs or commercial sites trying to sell something.]

Suggestions for content:

  • What are the main symptoms of this disease?
  • Does a person always “get the disease” if he/she inherits the gene?
  • Does it affect only men or women or children?
  • What is the gene product? Is it a defective enzyme or structural protein?
  • On which chromosome is this gene?
  • What does the protein normally do?
    • How is the disease version of the protein differ from the normal one?
  • What are the nucleotide base differences?
    • What are the amino acid differences?

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