CMIT Work Assignment

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All questions need least 200 words and least one reference to each question.

  • You are an administrator for the Contoso Corporation. You have 15 Microsoft Hyper-V hosts and 8 VMware ESX servers. You want manage all your hosts and virtual management using one centralized environment. You also need to deploy five more Microsoft Hyper-V hosts, which need to follow the standardized environment. What would you recommend, and how would you proceed?
  • Many servers used in an organization require large amounts of disk space to provide services and resources. These servers typically need many hard drives connected directly to the machine, or the servers connect to shared storage. Discuss the various planning considerations related to implementing file and storage services. Include in your discussion: iSCSI SANs, Fibre Channel SANs, Virtual Fibre Channel, storage spaces, storage pools (including tiered storage) and data deduplication.
  • What are the three methods that provide a redundant/highly available DHCP solution? Discuss the pros and cons of each method. Of these three methods, which would you recommend if you don’t have many IP addresses to lease?
  • Discuss the benefits of using Active Directory-Integrated zones and the benefits of using secure dynamic updates. In addition, cover DNSSEC, DNS Socket Pool, and DNS cache locking.
  • You are an administrator with the Contoso Corporation, which has about 1,400 users. Among those 1,400 users are 400 users who use VPN to connect to the organization’s network when they are not in the office. However, you realize that you are having trouble keeping the clients updated and performing other maintenance tasks as needed because these clients are often not connected to the network. What should you do?
  • You are an administrator for a corporation that has 1,500 client computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8. You need to ensure that Windows Firewall is enabled for all users and that each machine has the same standardized firewall rules. How can you accomplish this?
  • You have a domain running with five domain controllers (four running Window Server 2008 R2 and one running Windows Server 2012). The domain is now running the Windows Server 2008 forest functional level and the Windows Server 2008 R2 domain functional level. What do you need to do to make the domain and forest Windows Server 2012 R2 functional level?
  • You are a new administrator with the Contoso Corporation. You discover that you have one forest with five domains. Currently, you have 5,000 users spread out between 10 cities throughout the United States. How would you determine the best way to organize your forest/domains?
  • You are an administrator for a large organization, with 10,000 users in a single domain among five large offices and 22 small sales sites. You have a relatively large group of administrators. Some administrators are used to manage the users and computers, two administrators are used to manage the printers, branch managers need to manage the users at their site, and some administrators are used for Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server. How would you organize your domain so that you can establish the proper rights and permissions?
  • You are an administrator for the Contoso Corporation. You have three large sites each consisting of 500 to 1,000 users. Of these, the corporate office has the majority of application services, such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL servers. You also have 20 smaller sites consisting of 25 to 50 users each. How would you deploy the domain controllers? How would you configure them?
  • Discuss what is involved in designing and implementing a branch office infrastructure. Include at least 2 of the following topics in your discussion: RODC Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC) global catalog DNS DHCP BranchCache
  • You have 10 computers running Windows 8 at a branch office. After setting up BranchCache in distributed mode, you notice they are still using the slow WAN link to attempt to access files/folders. Is that a typical operation? If not, what could be causing it?

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