Child abuse and organizations

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The research paper is about Child abuse and organizations related to it, the and how it affects the society specifically how child abuse would create problems in the future and what is the main goal for the organizations and the history of the organization and the social work and how the the staff work and earn money.

– A clear, well-crafted thesis statement or a statement of purpose, well- developed body paragraphs to support the claim, and end with a strong conclusion.

-Ensure that the tone that you are using is formal. Do not write in the singular, second person narrative voice. Write in the third person: He/She/They.

– 9 pages research paper.

– Annotated bibliography (Sources pages) 5 reputable sources sorted by MLA or APA citation style:
One (1) of the sources must be a book, Two (2) a journal or article, and One (1) a website of your choice.

– Double spaced.

– No plagiarism.

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