Chemical Equation for Photosynthesis Questions

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Worksheet #10

Ch. 7 Photosynthesis and Ch. 38.2-38.5 Climate Change

Please put your answers in red or another color


1. Write the chemical equation for photosynthesis:

What is reduced? What is oxidized?

2. Define Autotroph:

What is an example of an autotroph?

3. Define Photoautotrophs:

4. What substance in the chloroplast makes it green?

5. What are the 2 parts/ structures of the chloroplast where photosynthesis occurs?

6. Where do light reactions occur in the chloroplast?

Where does the Calvin cycle occur in the chloroplast?

7. What will plants do to make energy when light is unavailable (night)?

8. How does climate change affect plants and photosynthesis?

Climate Change:

  1. Explain how the following factors will threaten the biodiversity of Earth’s organisms
  • Habitat loss-
  • Invasive species-
  • Overharvesting-
  • Pollution-
  1. How does the rapid heating of Earth change the global climate?
  1. What are greenhouse gases? How are human activities related to the increase of greenhouse gasses?
  1. Explain how climate change is affecting the hierarchies listed:
  • Biome-
  • Ecosystem-
  • Community-
  • Population-

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