Character Education Interview

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On the basis of the information collected in the interview and the information you have obtained from your research and readings, write 2–3 solid paragraphs describing how you can integrate character and cultivate social, emotional, and moral development in your students. List key character qualities that you will seek to integrate within the classroom. Include citations from at least 1 scholarly journal article and at least 1 of your course textbooks. Cite information from your personal interview of either the teacher or the parent. Include instructional methods, teaching strategies, effective lessons, and various aspects of your classroom environment that will contribute to cultivating good character into your students.

Your 2 summary paragraphs are to be at least 500 words each. Use your textbook and at least 1 scholarly journal article outside of your textbook to answer Part 3, and cite your references on a separate reference page using current APA format. Note: This section should be able to be used in your Final Paper in the Part 6: Addressing Behavior and Character Development section.

Part 4: Conclusion – Reflection and Discussion

Give a well-constructed conclusion in which you clearly reflect on this assignment and present a summary that conveys the significance of the knowledge gained from this interview, as well as your summary. This reflection must clearly tie your interview and summary of instructional strategies together in a clear, concise conclusion. Your conclusion must be at least 500 words.

This assignment must follow current APA guidelines and will include a title page and reference page. However, it is appropriate to use first-person language throughout all 4 parts of this assignment.

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