Chapter summery

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Chapter summary should be its own self-contained explanation of that chapter. The summary paper should succinctly summarize the important points and events of that chapter. Each summary document should be 2 pages excluding the title page. The document should be double spaced with a font size no larger than 12, no smaller than 10.

I need 2 summaries, one for chapter 5 and one for chapter 6. Two separate summaries. Two files, 2 pages each.

The book is: Between Two Fires A Fire History of Contemporary America, Stephen J. Pyne. ISBN 978-0816532148

Also, answer the following questions on a separate file, (Summarize briefly what the FLAME act is and give your thoughts on whether you think it is the conclusion of 40 years worth fire policy making or whether it is really just another legislative attempt to control fire.) (The author lists some possible cause(s) for the increase in the number of mega fires that have been occurring since the the 1980s. What are some of these causes and do you agree or disagree? If you agree, then what can be done to reverse the situation? If you disagree, the explain what you think are the causes. )

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