Chapter 11: Globalization and Society, business and finance homework help

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Chapter 11: Globalization and Society

  1. Discuss the three approaches in moral reasoning. Which appeals to you most and why?
  2. Define cultural relativism and normativism. Explain how the concept can be used by the multinationals in a foreign country.
  3. What is corruption? What can we do to combat corruption? Explain.
  4. Discuss the legal and ethical dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility in a globalized world.

Chapter 13: Country Evaluation and Selection

  1. What factors should we consider to scan and evaluate a country? Explain.
  2. What problems do companies face with international business research and data collection? Explain.
  3. What are the common sources for collecting international data? Explain.
  4. What is country evaluation grid and opportunity-risk matrix? Explain how they help company strategy.

Chapter 14: Export and Import

  1. Explain why firms export or import. What are their competitive advantages for export or import?
  2. Describe the export-import process and explain the role of various “export documentation” involved in the process.
  3. Who are the export/import intermediaries? Explain their role and functions in the export-import process.
  4. What is countertrade? What are the different types of countertrade? Why firms or governments engage in countertrade? Explain.

Chapter 15: Direct Investment and Collaborative Strategies

  1. What is a collaborative arrangement? Why firms collaborate? Explain their reasons for collaboration.
  2. What are the different types of collaborative arrangements we discussed in class? Explain.
  3. Explain the criteria for evaluating collaborative strategies. When would a firm opt for licensing over joint venture? Make specific arguments. (Similar questions can also be asked for other strategies, one over the other).

Chapter 17: Marketing Globally

  1. Define international marketing and explain how it differs from domestic marketing.
  2. Explain the standardization adaptation debate in international marketing
  3. Explain Product Considerations in international marketing. I may ask you to explain any of the four P’s in marketing.

Chapter 18: Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  1. Define and explain the role of “supply chain management” in firm strategy.
  2. Explain how the success of a global supply chain strategy depends upon compatibility, manufacturing configuration, and coordination and control.
  3. Define global sourcing and explain the role it plays in global supply chain management.

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