Write an email to the governor of our state


Instructions: Replace the information (in parentheses) with your own thoughts and information from the lesson. and pretend a natural disaster happened.

Hello ________ (name of one of your elected officials at the local, state, or national level) ____,

(Write paragraph one here. Paragraph one should address why rights are not absolute. Explain how the Constitution safeguards and limits individual rights.)

(Paragraph two should address why the

The government prevented the press from publishing graphic photos of victims of the natural disaster to protect the privacy of the victim’s family.

. Be sure to include the following information in the paragraph:

  • the Constitutional amendment that relates to the situation
  • arguments that could be made for or against the action that took place
  • your position on the situation and the reasons you think officials should agree with you)

(Paragraph three should address a

Prisoners were kept in prisons that lacked power, supplies, and plumbing during the emergency.. Address the bulleted items again for this second situation.)

(Short summary conclusion with points made in your email and appreciation expressed for the officials’ time.)


1.Week 2, but clearly differentiate the section of your post covering 2A and the section covering 2B.



Instructor’s question 2A: Chapter 2 reviews for us the theories by Donald Super, Anne Roe, Linda Gottfredson, John Holland, and John Krumboltz. Do you see any similarities in the thinking of the four theorists? What differentiates each theory from the others presented here? Which of the theories do you feel most drawn to and why? Do you think that the various theories might be differentially effective depending upon the client that you are working with?

Instructor’s question 2B: Reflect in-depth on the theory of John Holland and incorporate your insights on the use of this theory from your viewing of the video with Dr. Janet Lenz. Where do you fall in Holland’s view of categorizing the world of work? Do you think discussing this with a client would provide for fruitful conversation? Why or why not?

Write 5 pages from this argument that I will attached in the description, No reference, no copy paste?

Pro Essay (5 Pages) pro introduction: The author {fill in} argues for the following controversial conclusion: {give conclusion}. He supports this conclusion with the following premises: [a] {give first premise} and [b] {give second premise}. This Essay will examine each premise in the light of objectors and then defend the author from these objections.

The possible objection to the first premise (give the objection{s}).

Reply to the first objection (give pointed reply).

The possible objection to the second premise (give the objection{s}).

Reply to the second objection (give pointed reply).

Theoretical observation (this is a broad theoretical groundwork upon which the whole argument rests).

Significance (this is a concrete example from the world in which these issues play out today).

Identifying Fallacies, business and finance assignment help

Identifying Fallacies

This week’s lecture focused on applying some of the intellectual standards discussed in previous weeks and applying them to the news media. This week’s lecture also focused on the different fallacies that individuals make when trying to persuade you. Think of some of the disagreements or arguments you have had in the past – either at a personal, educational or professional level. Describe the disagreement or argument. What kinds of fallacies did you or they use as part of the argument? Was it persuasive? Did you feel good critical thinking was used in any of your examples?

Your work should be at least 500 words, but mostly draw from your own personal experience. This should be written in first person and give examples from your life. Be sure if you are using information from the readings that you properly cite your readings in this, and in all assignments.


There are several common fallacies in thinking. There are also fallacies in reasoning. As a student it is important that you identify fallacies but you identify bad reasoning. Fallacies can come from illogical pieces of information or from false information. You can use your knowledge of fallacies to help you use your critical thinking skills and to help you argue against points of view that do not make sense or are faulty.

Here are several common fallacies:

1.Circular reasoning: Using a statement (premise) to prove the conclusion and the conclusion to prove the statement (premise). Example: One should not take medication because it is against Scientology and one must follow Scientology because it is human nature.

2.Overgeneralization: asserting something of an entire class of things when it may not be true for all members of the class. Example: Beth is a psychology student and she is shy. Psychology students are shy.

3.False analogy: making a false or misleading analogy. Example

4.Jumping to conclusions. Example: My son is crying, you must have taken his toy.

5.Being unrealistic. Example: I just graduate high school and I am ready to enter the workforce. I will not take a job that pays less than six figures.

6.Answering questions one is not competent to answer. Example: I asked my dentist if he thought this mole was cancerous. He said “No” so I do not need to get it checked out.

7.Use only the information that supports my view point. Example: Research says a glass of wine a day is good for my heart. So drinking is good for my heart!

cost accounting , economics homework help


One of the most difficult parts of ownership and management is making decisions. Much of cost accounting relies on the ability to gather the cost detail in an effort to support these difficult decisions from management.

For this module’s project piece:

  • In a 1-2 page Word document, describe how the cost information that has been created up to this point in the project will help you in the decision making criteria process.
    • Be sure to leverage some of the decision making models to develop and describe your own managerial decision making framework for use in your business.

I have chosen bakeries for my business.

Please make this 1-2 pages and in APA format.

Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.

In a Relationship with a Substance Abuser, Psychology homework help

Dropbox Assignment

Assignment 2: LASA 1: In a Relationship with a Substance Abuser


Nearly everyone probably knows someone who places other people’s health, welfare, and safety before their own. When they do this, they can lose contact with their own needs, desires, and sense of self-worth.

Please watch the movie When a Man Loves a Woman. It is available from Amazon On-Demand rental for streaming or download and Netflix DVD rental. You may also be able to find the movie at your local public library or video rental store.

Refer to the characteristics of codependent people as discussed in the assigned weekly readings. Choose three of the characteristics to examine.

Search the AUO library and include at least one peer-reviewed journal article on treatment for codependence to use for research.

Based on the character of the husband in the movie When a Man Loves a Woman, your weekly readings and the research article you reviewed, write a 4-5 page paper that addresses the following for each of the three characteristics you picked:

Explain three codependent characteristics. Explain why you have chosen each particular characteristic. Provide three examples, one for each characteristic, of how those codependent characteristics specifically apply to the husband’s character in the film.

Evaluate how each codependent characteristic is detrimental to this person’s ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships.

Analyze how the codependent behavior has evolved within the substance abuse environment.

Apply what you have learned from the assigned readings and the peer-reviewed article to recommend at least two strategies for breaking codependent behaviors within a substance abuse environment.

Please note that you may locate the movie, When a Man Loves a Woman, on YouTube.

Your paper should be 4-5 pages long. Submit your response as a Word document to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox by Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Explain three codependent characteristics examples and provide reasons for selecting those characteristics.


Explain how these three codependent characteristics apply specifically to the character of the husband.


Evaluate how each codependent characteristic is detrimental to the subject’s ability to establish and maintain healthy relationships.


Analyze how each codependent behavior has evolved within a substance abuse environment.


Recommend at least two strategies for breaking codependent behavior in a substance abuse environment.


Organization (Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, Conclusion)


Usage and Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structure)


APA Elements (Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations)


Style (Audience, Word Choice)




Head Start

PURPOSE OF ASSIGNMENT:It is important that students in a graduate level class be familiar with the varied aspects of research.This term paper allows students an opportunity to explore a particular topic related to higher education leadership theories and develop this into a term paper.

FORMAT OF ASSIGNMENT: Your writing should produce a minimum of a 12 page research paper (actual content). You must also include a title page and reference page, and an abstract is required. Please prepare a double-spaced document using New Times Roman size 12 font. You must cite at least 12 research articles (professional journals, publications, etc., in APA style). Other sources may be used as well. If you choose to use interviews in your research paper, this counts as another source in the reference section of your paper. All sources should be current – within the last 5-7 years of the publication date.

If you use Internet sources, such an article from an online journal, please make certain to include the web address for the source in the appropriate citation on the reference page of your paper. Use the APA Manual for proper in-text and reference citation format. References are cited on a separate page at the end of the paper.

It is mandatory that your assignment be clear, understandable and well-written. Use good sentence structure, proper word usage, and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

This web page will help with the paper: https://eclkc.ohs.acf.hhs.gov/ but I need 12 research articles APA style

Thesis Statement:

Head Start is a comprehensive program that has provided millions of disadvantaged children with pre-kindergarten education, medical services, and family support services throughout the years.

note posted in your favorite discussion group

While surfing the Internet, you encounter this note posted in your favorite discussion group: “Help! I have just been assigned to head a new product design team at my company. The division manager has high expectations for the team and me, but I have been a technical design engineer for four years since graduating from college. I have never ‘managed’ anyone, let alone led a team. The manager keeps talking about her confidence that I will create a ‘high-performance team.’ Does anyone out there have any tips to help me master this challenge? Help! [signed] Galahad.” As a good citizen of the Internet, you decide to answer. What message will you send out?

Compare & Contrast two CURRENT events about disability

After reading the “Final Paper Instructions below, Prepare a short (one-to-three paragraphs) Proposal of what two current events about disability you will write about, including your intended sources from internet, course materials, readings, and any supplemental resources you choose.  

Then, due on 12/12/14, you will submit the 4-8 page Final Paper based on your approved Proposal.  

Examples of Project attached, here (this is not the example of proposal, but FINAL PAPER examples): 

Compare & Contrast EXAMPLE 

Compare and Contrast EXAMPLE 2 

Final Paper Instructions:

  • Compare/contrast at least 2 (two) current events in disability, selected by you, from a reliable news internet source, applying some information about disability history and rights.

The goal of this assignment is to show how disability rights and history in America has changed your perception.  You will demonstrate this through your analysis of the two current events.  I will be looking for history behind the ADA and ADAA, the concepts of Universal Design and Inclusive Education, or multicultural analysis of disability rights as a civil rights movement, for example.

Please be certain that your two current events are from within the last year.  Please include links in Proposal for my review.  Also, in order to compare/contrast two current events, you will need to identify both their similarities AND differences, include information from chapters I’ve attached below, which can include the perspective of the author, the outcome of the event, or the perspective of the PWDs involved or the broader disability community, as represented by the texts, for example.

A note on References: You *must* use at least 3 citations from the textbook (Shapiro) attached.

**Chapters attached here from course textbook by Shapiro:

Ch. 1- No Pity: People with Disabilities Forging a New Civil Rights Movement by Shapiro 

Ch. 2 – No Pity: People with Disabilites…. by Shapiro 

Ch. 3 – No Pity: People with Disabilities…. by Shapiro 

Format Requirements for Paper:

Font = 12 point; Arial or Times New Roman.  Line spacing 2.0.  If you do not adhere to this format, points will be deducted.

The paper will be 4-8 pages in length not including the Bibliography/references section.

Please use in-text citations in American Psychological Association (APA) style, as shown in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

Be sure to use appropriate language; do NOT use colloquial language; this is an official written assignment.

Grammar and spelling are important to this assignment.

Market Structure and Game Theory

Module 3 – Case

Market Structure and Game Theory

Assignment Overview

As always, make sure to thoroughly review the required background
materials before starting the assignments. The assignment questions
will require you to do some calculations and also apply the concepts
from the module. Question 3 differs from previous assignments in that
you have to use an online simulation tool; but this activity should be a
fun break from the standard numerical problems you have been doing.

Case Assignment

    1. For this problem use the Herfindahl Index to compute market concentration:
      1. Suppose Apple has 45% of the U.S. market share for smartphones,
        followed by Samsung with 30%, LG with 9%, Motorola with 8%, HTC with 6%,
        and Nokia with 2%. What is the Herfindahl Index for the smartphone
        industry based on these numbers? Based on the Herfindahl Index, do you
        think the government would be willing to approve a merger between Apple
        and Samsung?
      2. Now suppose Nokia and Motorola come out with a new smartphone that
        takes away a huge chunk of market share from Apple and Samsung. The new
        market shares are 25% for Apple, 20% for Samsung, 20% for Motorola, 20%
        for Nokia, 10% for LG, and 5% for HTC.
    2. Use what you learned about perfect competition, monopoly, and oligopoly to answer these questions:
      1. In the table below is the quantity produced, the price, the fixed
        costs, and variable costs for a perfectly competitive firm that faces a
        constant price of $150 for its product regardless of the quantity it
        sells. Use the information in the first four columns to calculate the
        number for the last four columns. At what quantity should they produce
        based on what you find with your results?
      2. How do you think your answer might change if it became a monopolist
        with all of its competitors leaving the market? Or if it became an
        oligopoly with only one or two competitors?



Fixed Cost

Variable Cost

Total Cost

Marginal Cost

Total Revenue














































    1. You’ve read about the prisoner’s dilemma in the background
      readings. Suppose you are a business owner with just one main
      competitor. If neither you nor your competitor cut your prices, you
      will both be more profitable. However, if your competitor lowers its
      prices and you keep your prices high, then you will lose all of your
      sales to your competitor. Every month you and your competitor place
      advertisements in the local newspaper with your price – so you need to
      decide each month whether or not to keep prices high, or lower them
      based on what you think your competitor might do.

      Go to the following webpage and test out some of your potential price strategies:

      strategy “defect” indicates lowering your prices. The strategy
      “cooperate” means keep prices the same. Try out different strategies,
      such as cooperating all the time or defecting sometimes. There are five
      different rounds of this game, each with a competitor with different
      personalities and different strategies. Play all five rounds and
      experiment with different strategic approaches. Report your scores for
      each round, and discuss which strategies seemed to work the best for