Case Study Presentation

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Hi, My class name is Strategic Marketing. I just have a short case study presentation need you to help me. I just posted three documents. The first one is the Vans case study requirement, the second one is the Vans case study article, the third one is the essay that I wrote for Vans case study requirement. This is all the material that I have. I just have a presentation for this Vans case study. My part is Problem Statement and Development OF Alternatives. Please help me do the Powerpoint (like three or four slides). Then write the word document for what each slides I should say to me. When you finished the Powerpoint, please write that each slides I should say what in my presentation in word document because I can read in classroom for my presentation.

My presentation is tomorrow, please finish it as soon as possible. And please do not plagiarize. Thank you for helping me.

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