Case Study: Netflix

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  • Before reading the case, first, go online, research, and take down a few notes on the concept of disruptive vs. sustaining innovations.
  • After completing your research, then I suggest reading
    the brief Fast Company article, ”Experimentation is the New Planning” :…

Read the Netflix case and prepare for a class discussion of the case by answering the following questions in an overall 2-3 page brief essay format

Case Questions

  • In providing their services, did Netflix do the same jobs for consumers that Blockbuster did? How did this evolve over time?
  • How many strategy revisions did Neflix have to make in order to become successful? What caused them to make each shift? Were Netflix’s strategic shifts driven from top management or from the bottom-up?
  • Did Reed Hastings make the right move in trying to separate the DVD-by-mail business from the streaming business? How do you think he should proceed now?
  • In your opinion, in the long run – will video streaming prove to be a disruptive or sustaining strategy for Netflix? Why or why not? Think about this question in relation to the above “Experimentation” article.

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