case study midwest copper mining

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Criterion 1: Construct a clear problem statement

Summarize the key issues and choices for MCM:

  • Summarize the most impactful external opportunities and threats that have recently affected MCM
  • Summarize the historically important strengths of MCM
  • Summarize the dilemma the managers are currently facing

Excellent papers will provide a situation analysis that documents the relevant context and contributing factors to MCM’s main and most important strategic / business problem. (Suggestion: write this section last….)

Criterion 2: Analyze external factors

Provide an analysis of the macro environment and industry forces:

  • Conduct a PESTEL analysis of the macro environment, identifying opportunities and threats.
  • Conduct a Five Forces Industry analysis.
  • Identify the macro environmental and industry factors that have the greatest potential impact on MCM.

Excellent papers will identify all the external factors that have been affecting, or have the potential to affect MCM performance – both in the macro-environment, and due to competitive forces. Those factors that are identified as most impactful are justified based on importance, urgency and/or potential impact to the organization.

Criterion 3: Analyze internal factors

Provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of MCM:

  • List all the strengths and weaknesses of MCM in each functional area mentioned in the case.
  • State and justify MCM’s core and distinctive competencies.
  • Analyze whether the distinctive competencies provide a competitive advantage.
  • Address the sustainability of the distinctive competencies.

Excellent papers will identify all stated strengths and weakness of organizational functions within MCM and use the valuable, rare, inimitable and organizational capabilities model to justify the core and distinctive competencies, as well as the sustainability of those competencies. The competitive advantage analysis will include past, present and future considerations.

Criterion 4: Determine current business level strategy

Provide an analysis and conclusion about the current business level strategy of MCM:

  • State the business level strategy of MCM
  • Discuss the evidence that leads you to your conclusion about their business strategy
  • Discuss how their distinctive competencies support or do not support their business strategy

Excellent papers will justify the choice of business level strategy based on cost and price, differentiation of the product, breadth of the market. The discussion will show the connections between the distinctive competencies and the business level strategy, as well as consider how well MCM will be able to execute that strategy in the future (the sustainability of their business-level strategy).

Criterion 5: Make recommendation for future action

Provide concise yet thorough action-oriented recommendation

  • Briefly summarize the most urgent and important problem, based on your analyses above.
  • Provide a multi-step action plan based on the analysis above,
  • Addresses limitations of the solution, and
  • Outlines ways to monitor success of the action plan

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