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Case Study – Work

Read through this case and apply 5 principles in adulthood we have covered in this

course. Review them all! Identify and support each principle in about one

paragraph. (work + career, Erikson, Personality, life events, millennials, physical

development, cognitive)

Jennifer is a high school senior, and waiting to hear back from

several colleges where she applied to be a Dance major. Her

auditions went well, but she’s concerned about her SAT scores.

Verbal was strong – just under 700, but the math was a little

weaker. So, who knows? If Jennifer doesn’t get admitted, she

has made another plan. “If I can’t be a dance major, there is NO

point at all spending all that time and money in college.” She

says she’ll travel around Europe and try to pick up some dancing

jobs or join a small dance company, while working at a small job

to pay expenses. “I don’t care if I’m a starving artist! All that

matters is that I dance!” Plus she’s always made friends very

easily, so traveling will probably be really fun, and a great way to

see the world and learn about other people.

Jennifer is very close to Uncle Charlie – her father’s oldest brother

who is in his early 60s. Uncle Charlie made a similar decision

when he completed high school. He skipped college and pursued

professional baseball. He is now a very successful baseball coach

and takes a lot of pride in guiding young players to be the best

ballplayers they can be, as well as responsible young adults in

many other aspects of their lives. But Charlie regrets never going

to college, and would love to go and get a degree in history; he

considers himself a “history buff!” He is scared to death about

getting a college degree, which would involve taking the SAT, and

a bunch of math and science courses that he hasn’t done in at

least 40 years!

Uncle Charlie understands Jennifer’s situation very well, and has

asked her consider many other dimensions of her decision to

travel and dance if she does not attend college. How will she

support herself? Ensure her safety? Medical care if necessary?

What steps will she take to build a future without college if her

dance career doesn’t work out? Does she know others in a

similar circumstance?

i will send notes once picked

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