Case formulation-Part 1

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Objective: The objective of this assignment is for the student to demonstrate the ability to organize and describe case material using cognitive and behavioral theories.

Assignment: The student should identify a case, either from their field-work or some other helping role to use for the paper. A brief bio-psycho-social-spiritual summary of the case should be provided (2-3 pages) that includes the presenting problem of the case as if it were being placed in a medical chart. Please see the detailed rubric located in the Getting Started section of this course. Using some of the examples used in class as a guide, the student should write up a case formulation in a narrative form (NOT a conceptualization chart). First, explain the target issue using behavioral theory, including the terms and concepts of the theory. Second, explain the target issue using a cognitive theory lens, also using the concepts and terms of the theory. Then using the combined CBT approach, describe the case in a NON-JARGON/CIENT FRIENDLY manner (can be written as a summary to a caregiver or colleague or as if you were speaking directly to the client). The connection between the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors should be clear as the student explains why the person is feeling, thinking and behaving in a way that they present to the worker. Students should follow the rubric located in the Getting Started section of the course. This paper should be no more than 7-8 pages. (Please note that “student” and “worker” are used interchangeably in this description). Please be reminded to cite all resources (minimum 2, for this paper). The resources used in this paper can be the same resources used for week #8’s Treatment Planning Paper. Please make sure this is APA style. If you have any question, please reach out to me. Please make all page APA. Also Attached is the case i would like to use along with a rubric to follow to ensure you include everything in the paper. Please include proper citations to this paper, it is essesntial

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