CASE 2: Improving Enterprise Governance of IT in a Major Airline – Steven De Haes; Wim Van Grembergen

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3. Discuss the motivation and criteria behind the “staying on the surfboard

principle”. Explain how you think this framework could / should evolve over


4. The case describes the portfolio management process which begins with

an identification off the business drivers. Explain why KLM developed a

specific approach for capturing business drivers. What could be a point of

critique in this process?

5. The journey towards better enterprise governance of IT has been, and

continues to be an enriching one for KLM, and many challenges have been

overcome. However, as with any journey, there are still more challenges

ahead which must also be overcome to ensure that the journey will be

continued in a positive way. What according to you are the important areas

that needs to be improved in the coming period?

Read the article I attached and answer the questions

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