Cascadia Community College Group Genetic Reverse Engineering Discussion

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Part 1: Genetic reverse engineering: Video and Summary (5 points)

This part is geared to help you learn more about unlocking dormant genes in the genomes of living animals and curren research about them.


  1. View one of the following videos that provides more background on the idea of genetic reverse engineering.
  2. In 50–100 words, summarize your chosen video video. Make sure to include a summary of the research being conducted why it research is relevant to the subject of gene expression, and what makes the research interesting/important to broader fields in science and in biology.
  3. Copy paste into the discussion forum.

Part 2: Make your case (5 points)

This part is geared to help practice making an argument and supporting it with additional information and data


  1. You have been randomly assigned a position, either for or against using genetic reverse engineering technology to “resurrect” extinct species such as dinosaurs. Using information from the video you viewed and any reliable outside sources you wish, post a brief argument to support your assigned position (I AM AGAINST)

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