careful, close, looking and analyzing art work Jacques-Louis David, Death of Socrates, 1787. French, Neo-Classicism

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Provide artist’s name, titles, dates, size, medium, and subject. What is it you’re looking at?

move to analyzing. (Do not keep repeating the description). You may use the Met website or placard near the painting to get more information or understanding. You may look up information (text book is fine) about the period in which it was painted. How does it fit in to the period, or to the artist’s work? This will help you. However, if you use information from a source, please note it—OK to say: the Met’s website notes that this is the first example…

What can you see / notice in person look at surface / medium– Can you see the support? (wood, copper, canvas, etc.)

Can you tell what the support is even without looking at the museum card—what makes you know this?

What is the medium: oil, tempera, acrylic?

If there are figures–How is the human form articulated? What is happening?

How is color and light handled?

Distribution of color – quality and direction of light. How many colors? Can you see the brush strokes? (did the artist use a brush?)

  • Point of view / use of perspective

follow edges of painting around figures / notice possible changes (pentimenti).

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