career counseling interview

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Check off activities as you complete them.

  • Read Chapter 13 in Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey: Career Interventions in Higher Education.
  • Read Chapter 14 in Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey: Career Interventions in Community Settings
  • Open Quiz 11 in your ASSIGNMENTS folder to complete the 10 question, multiple-choice quiz.
  • Access your MyCounselingLab account to view the video clip “Counseling with an Unemployed Adult: with Dr. Barbara Suddarth” (36:12)
    • Click the Sign In button and sign in with your user name and password.
    • Click the rectangle CHS 417: Career and Lifestyle Planning to start your work.
    • Under Course Name (left panel), click “Video Resources.”
    • Click Video Library (left panel).
    • Click Video Library (main frame).
    • Click Career Counseling (left panel).
    • Click “Videos 15.”
    • (The upper gray colored task bar allows you to view the videos by Picture or List.)
    • Double click the following video clip: “Counseling with an Unemployed Adult: Dr. Barbara Suddarth” (36:10)
  • Open your DISCUSSION BOARD folder to participate in our class discussion.Please post at least one response to your instructor’s original questions and reply to at least oneclassmate.

Instructor’s question(s):

(a)Discuss your impressions of the video interview for this week. What were the strengths of this interview? Was there anything that you might have done differently?And

(b) Career counseling services and information are available through a number of venues. Take a look at the career services available to you (or the general public) at an institution serving the community in close proximity to where you live (include contact information and website so a classmate interested in this site could learn more). This could be the career counseling center at Roosevelt University, the career counseling center at the community college that serves your area, services or programs and materials offered through your local public library (if available), services offered by a faith-based community or an institution serving the homeless or the underresourced, or services offered through the Illinois Department of Employment Security (as an example see:

What office or department provides such services? What qualifications do providers of these services hold? What populations are served by this institution’s career services? What types of services and materials are provided? Be sure to given enough of a general overview that your classmates would be able to appropriately refer clients that might be able to benefit from what is provided at this location.

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