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VIOLENCE and discuss: a) causes of rape, b) types of rape, and c) consequences of rape. (4



All written work is subject to plagiarism detection software review.

 Typed.

 Double Spaced.

 1 inch margins.

 Black ink.

 12 point font.

 Times New Roman font.

 At least one paragraph indent per page; avoid long run-on paragraphs.

 You cannot have one sentence paragraphs.

 Avoid abbreviations.

 Avoid contractions (for example, use “do not” instead of “don’t” and “cannot” instead of


 Use 3rd person voice: they, them, their; not 1st person voice such I, we, and our; and not

2nd person voice such as he, she.

 Use formal language; avoid slang.

 Use a formal writing style, but you do not have to use a professional writing style such as

ASA or APA writing styles. Just make certain your paper has a formal tone.

 Introduce information by using any of the following established methods: “According to

Wallace….” (if you are referring to the author of the text), or “O’Brien contends….” (if

you are referring to a particular theorist or researcher whose work is covered in the text).

This is the type of language you would find in a sociology text or journal. This is what I

mean by a formal writing style.

 Do not use quotes. Generally, quotes detract from an essay rather than enhance it, so

paraphrase and use your own words.

 Do not plagiarize. Again use your own words. One form of plagiarizing is using

sentences and phrases directly from the text without putting them in your own words.

 Be concise. Avoid wordiness and too many generalizations.

 Stay on topic.

 AVOID OPINION!!! These are not reflective papers

 No reference page.

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