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Core Assessment Activity 7.1 – Art of Byzantium

Core Assessment Activity 7.1 – Art of Byzantium
Due: Mar 26, 2018 at 11:30 PM

This assignment requires that you write a 500-800 word (one and 1/2-2 pages) essay, and although material from the textbook will be useful, you will have to do further research. I have provided you with some great links for this purpose (see the internet excursions page for this chapter). I will not accept any other sources! Please refer to the OWL online Writing Lab, MLA Guidein order to properly document your sources for in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

The essay must be in MLA formatting with an MLA heading.Please don’t forget to check the box by the “original work” statement. This sends your document to Vericite.
Justinian and Theodora were powerful influences on the Byzantine empire. Discuss how their achievements and work influenced the culture and society of Byzantium through the artwork. This essay is about the art and architecture of the period, and how these artifacts portray the beliefs of Justinian and Theodora in their reign – NOT about them.

There is a film in the Chapter 7 Internet Excursions page, and you have links to specific works (like mosaics in the Church of San Vitale) in the Chapter 7 General Lecture Notes page.
Sample format (your evaluation is an assessment as to whether you included all of these elements):
I. Identify the person (either Justinian or Theodora – or both) and discuss the society/culture in which they lived, central issues that were significant to this person, beliefs they attempted to promote with their life’s work, and the impact this work/belief system had on the culture of the time. THIS PARAGRAPH SHOULD INCLUDE A THESIS STATEMENT.

II. Write at least two body paragraphs, each one describing in specific detail two examples of the cultural influences or elements of the cultural influences or elements in a particular artifact (painting, sculpture, architecture, or music – these are the kinds of art) their beliefs were directly responsible for. Are there intercultural influences in this work and how do they impact or change the society of that time period?

III. Write at least one body paragraph describing the how these works of art are important to the culture and society Justinian and/or Theodora attempted to create. Correctly cite evidence to support your analysis.

VI. Concluding paragraph.
You must use correct MLA formatting, and you must write in academic language. No text-speak or abbreviations. This MUST be a college level paper.

IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT THIS AS A DOC, DOCX assignment, you will receive a zero. You may use the computers on campus to create the proper file. Thank you.

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