Can you help me revise my Discipline Investigation paper?

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I am working on my DI paper for my English class, and I have no idea how I can revise it. For this assignment, I interview a professional in my field (accounting). This essay cover three parts: introduction, interview report and conclusion. The interview cover three section: 1) my subject’s background and career path; 2) my subject’s current role and responsibilities; and 3) my subject’s insight on the types of communication skills required for advancing in my field.

Can you help me organize the second paragraph of why I chose my field in introduction part? I am not sure how to write the background information, can you help me with it and add more development in the first paragraph of background and career path?

Do you know about the job responsibility in senior accountant (specific) and where my subject’s job (senior accountant) fits in terms of the overall structure of the profession, can you combine this two answer into one paragraph and put it into the roles and responsibilities (replace the first and second paragraph)? Also, can you further explain more about passing the CPA exam and working in a busy season (more development) in the roles and responsibilities part?

Do you know the types of reading and writing typically required in senior accountant’s daily responsibilities and the typical audience for written communication (co-workers; clients, general public, etc.), can you answer these two questions and combine it into one paragraph in the communication skills part (a new paragraph)?

Finally, can you help me with the grammar errors, the transaction words, and the connection between each ideas?

Thank you so much.

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