Can one be productive working at home discussion help

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Respond to each post in 150 words.


Part I:

Can one be productive working at home? Please describe in detail of whether or not your choice on this.

I do believe that one can be productive at home, given the circumstances are correct for one to be productive—the environment has to be conducive to productivity. For example, a person who works out of his or her home with four small children may have a hard time at productivity. A person with fewer distractions would find working at home to be very pleasurable. I know a lady who works out of her home scheduling medical appointments for an office. She used to work out of the same office conducting the same work. Her employer for whatever reason thought it was a great idea to have her work from home, provided her with the technology she needed, and now she is never late for work—how awesome is that!

When I was a First Sergeant in the Army I often found myself conducting too much work at home. Sometimes there can be too many distractions at the office to accomplish anything of real value.

Part II:

What is the difference in a Consultant vs a Contractor? Please describe the differences.

In a nut shell, consultants consult and advise on a particular course of action to take without accomplishing any of the work that needs to be done. A contractor, on the other hand, can also consult and advise, then accomplish the needed work for the employer. Consultants tend to be specialized in their respective fields whereas contractors need not be at all times. A contractor can agree to perform certain labor then hire additional specialized laborers to accomplish the agreed upon task.


Good evening class,

To be exact, I would think that working from home could go both ways. On one side you have the perks of being at home. Under most cases though, complications tend to occur, these can include distractions such as T.V. and other activities at home. Factor in the fact that you may miss meetings if the organizer forgets you exist, and you have a fine recipe for disaster (Van Laan, 2012). Personally, I am very happy with traveling to work. I have fun, and it keeps my wife sane. It also keeps me from getting a bigger honey do list. I feel like I would get too distracted to work from home too. Moving onto the differences of a contractor and a consultant. The key thing between a contractor and a consultant is that a consultant is a full time position with a company and have benefits. A contractor is for a limited amount of time usually, and does not have the same benefits, because they do not necessarily work for a company. Also with contractors, they tend to make more money in the short term. They work for shorter durations, make a higher amount of pay over that short amount of time whereas a consultant is full time and tends to make less at first, but perhaps more in the long run (Van Laan, 2012). W I hope everyone has a great rest of their week!

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