Calculating Descriptive Statistics

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Refer to the Excel file Salary (attached) to address all the questions below:

  1. For each variable in the data set provided, classify the variable as Nominal, Ordinal, Interval or Ratio. Explain why you made the decision for each.
  2. Find the Mean, Standard Deviation, and Range for The Salary variable for the entire data set and for the male and females separately.
  3. Find the first, second, and third quartiles and the interquartile range for the entire data set, the males and females separately. Compare the results of the male and females and comment on the results.
  4. To test if the data is approximately normal, use the empirical rule for the normal distribution. Find the percentage of male salaries within one, two, and three standard deviation of the mean. Compare the percentages to those predicted by the empirical rule for the normal distribution. Repeat the calculations for the female salaries. Comment on the results.

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