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Goal: Address issues of intellectual property protection and the organization required for innovations like the one you are studying.

Please add this content to the growing body of your homework assignments, making updates to the preceding elements as needed, and maintaining the reference list at the end of the combined document.

Topics to be addressed relative to your technology (Google Glass) for this week include:

  1. Considering the specific nature of the intellectual property that your innovation requires, what mechanisms would you propose using to protect the intellectual property? Explain why, and discuss the pros and cons of your preferred choice. If there’s a close second choice, discuss that as well.
  2. What is the impact of this IP protection model on the collaboration you proposed previously? Does it make collaboration easier? Does it provide a legal foundation to do the collaboration safely? Could the collaboration work without protecting the intellectual property via one of the mechanisms described in the text?
  3. Consider the organizational models for R&D described in the text (Chapter 10). Do any of these have an obvious fit for the firms already involved in your technology? Explain.
  4. Think about the process for developing your technology.
    1. Describe the balance between the three critical requirements – fit with customer needs, minimized time to market, and controlled development costs. Which is most important for your technology, and why?
    2. Which customers or suppliers would be most beneficial to involve in the development process, and why?
  5. Consider the rollout of your technology to the market.
    1. When should the technology be introduced? Is there any predecessor, dependent or related product that needs to hit the market at the same time?
    2. How should the product be priced? Should it generate high margins directly, or is it preferable to generate its revenue stream via ancillary products?

This should add 3-5 pages (single-spaced, about 1400-2000 words) to your document to cover all the topics requested.

References should, again, include pointers to any source you referenced (whether you quoted it or just used its ideas).

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