English 305 The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym writing homework help

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you will need to have access to the book “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym” and “PYM” by Matt Johnson to help you write this 1000-2000 word essay. http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma98/silverman/poe/agp_ep1.html

This site will give you the book “The Narrative…..” 

I need it to be done by Friday November 4th, 2016. 

The standard rules apply:

1.  You need to start your paper by stating both the problem AND the solution; the question AND the answer.  The ending of Pym leaves all sorts of things unresolved and yet is still a resolution. Why? How?

2.  Evidence will be key. If you are trying to persuade your reader that your answer is plausible or that your solution is true,, you will not want to rely on mere assertion. You will want to show how and why it is plausible and true.  This means that you will want to quote your text. Quote it. Don’t paraphrase it. If you do have to provide plot summary, make it quick and make sure that you emphasize only the details that count for your argument. And give page references.

3.  You will want to apply “Occam’s razor” to your solution/answer. William of Okham was a medieval philosopher who argued that in every hypothesis, the best answer is the one that relies on the fewest assumptions.  One of the reasons for this is that you have to articulate those assumptions and defend them. Your position will become more untenable with every assumption that you rely on. Scientists and mathematicians aspire to “elegance”—that is, simplicity. You should too. 

4.  One of your first assumptions should be that everything in a text is there for a reason.  You cannot ask the writer why it is there and she probably couldn’t tell you anyway. You have to come up with an explanation that makes sense.  In order for it to make sense,  your explanation has to take the whole work into consideration.  Poe doesn’t have to go any further in his book: all he needs to provide a resolution for his plot is to see that really big white guy. That means that you might need to reconsider what the plot—which looks at first like a rather loose and apparently formless romance—is all about.

5.  Accuracy counts. Make sure you get the title right. Make sure that you get the writer’s name right. Make sure that you get your professor’s name right.  Make sure that you get the novel’s details right. People notice these things.


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