Dimensions of Culture social science homework help

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There are few, if any, assessments for determining a direct relationship between culture and leadership. However, having an understanding of your cultural perspectives might be helpful in relating these perspectives to your leadership style. /p>

To prepare for this Assignment, complete the “Dimensions of Culture Questionnaire” in the course text, Leadership: Theory and Practice. Be as honest and objective as you can.

Write a 1- to 2-page paper describing your experience with the “Dimensions of Culture Questionnaire.” Analyze how your questionnaire responses indicate your personal leadership philosophy. Describe any questionnaire results that may have surprised you. Analyze the impact that culture might have on your personal leadership style. Explain how an understanding of the “Dimensions of Culture” might help you become a more effective leader.


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Optional Resources

  • Ming-Yi, W. (2010). Gender and cultural influences on expected leadership styles in the Taiwanese public relations field: Transformational and transactional leadership styles. China Media Research, 6(1), 37–46.
  • Mott, L. (2008). Organizational culture: An important factor to consider. The Bottom Line: Managing Library Finances, 21(3), 88–93.

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