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this could be between 150 to 200 words.

here is the discussion to reply.

Candis Ames

Overall my reaction to Kelly’s constructive alternativism is positive. I like the association between scientists and people and how we build our constructs, as I can very much relate it to my own life experiences. In a more general manner, I have come to the life view that there isn’t really an objective reality out there or at least not one we can perceive; everyone is experiencing their own reality through their own perceptions so that idea isn’t a new one for me. It used to be frustrating to think that it’s difficult for an absolute truth to come about because there are always so many things happening at once and everyone is having a different experience of events but now I use it to keep myself from judging others too harshly and keeping an open mind in every situation. I believe that there can still be a science of persons even when there is no objective reality that can be discovered, mostly through large samplings and repetitive testing/research as well as a broad range of researchers contributing their own, hopefully, unbiased views. The final question relating to a time in which there was a difference in how I viewed a situation and someone else perceived happens everyday and every time I interact with someone, because we are all experiencing a different reality in a way. But to give an example, I think most of times that my husband and I argue. Most recently it was about being negative in less than ideal situations. I am usually a person that stays calm in situations and realizes that once something bad has happened, getting upset and throwing a tantrum won’t help the situation. My husband is not. But he says that when he gets angry, cussing and yelling helps him calm down. Of course we both disagreed with eachother’s ideals. I don’t know if there was a “reality” to be discovered in that situation but if there was, I think we would need an unbiased, outside view from someone watching the situation unfold to tell us how negativity seemed to affect the rest of the situation.

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