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Disengaged Employees

Disengaged employees and counterproductive behaviors have become the norm in many organizations, and as a result, organizations are implementing more stringent policies, enforcing regular trainings, and installing cameras throughout the workforce. Examples of counterproductive activities include daydreaming, looking busy, moonlighting, and even cyberloafing. When an employee is daydreaming, he or she appears to be working but in reality is distracted by non-work-related thoughts and fantasies. When an employee is looking busy, he or she pretends to be busy or overwhelmed with work. An employee who is moonlighting uses company time and resources to complete personal tasks. An employee who is cyberloafing uses a company computer to send personal emails, chat online, or use the Internet for their personal satisfaction. The following table represents signs of employee disengagement:

Signs of Being Physically


Meaning to HR Management



Intentionally arriving to work late or leaving work early

Punctuality issues

Long or Excessive Breaks

Intentionally taking long breaks or too many breaks

Productivity issues

Missing Meetings

Intentionally neglecting important work functions

Reliability issues

Disregarding Deadlines

Intentionally being careless

Commitment issues

Excessive Absences

Intentionally disrupting the workflow

Dependability issues

High-quality organizational citizens refrain from counterproductive activities and being disengaged from their organization.

For this SLP, you will write a paper describing why you or someone you know has been disengaged from the organization. You will provide specific examples throughout your paper. Furthermore, you will discuss solutions for each issue that you discuss from an HR manager’s perspective.

Your paper should be 2–4 pages, not including the cover sheet and reference page. You are expected to deal with these issues in an integrated fashion, rather than treating them as a series of individual questions to be answered one by one and left at that.

You will be particularly assessed on:

  • Your completion of all the steps in the exercise.
  • Your ability to synthesize information and present a concise and meaningful paper.
  • The clarity and quality of your writing.

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