The Constitution and the amendments clauses that affect business law homework help

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A minimum of a 100- word and support your answer with facts and statistics you have researched. Please cite at least two (2) separate references using proper APA format.

You are the assistant manager of a department store. One day, the store manager calls you into his office, and shows you video footage of an elderly female shopper entering into one of the store’s changing booths. She tries on several articles of the store’s clothes, and when she re-dresses, she is still wearing underwear and a belt belonging to the store. Other cameras show her leaving the store without removing or paying for the items.

The manager instructs you that the next time this customer comes into the store and takes items into the changing booth, you (or a female subordinate if you are male) are to empty the other changing booths, lock the door to the changing room, and then search her when she tries to exit. If you find that she has concealed any store merchandise, you are to detain her until police arrive. If she ever returns to the store again, you are to make a public announcement over the store’s P.A. system that a shoplifter has entered the store, and identify her for the benefit of the other employees and customers.

Fortunately, you have just finished reading Business Law Chapter 8. Respectfully explain to the manager all of the legal problems his proposed strategy may cause, and suggest an alternative strategy for dealing with the situation.

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