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student wrote this for discussion post, i must reply to student on what i think. doesn’t have to be long. 5-7 sentences

Woman as Political Actors

Civic engagement on gender issues has seen a massive recent shift from catering to women-specific laws, policies, and programs to questioning the fundamental structures that propel gender inequality. The influence of active women’s movement in general is visible in research, academic exchange, democratic institutions and larger political debates. Rather than stereotyping women as apolitical, disinterested parties, women are now more fully acknowledged as active political agents. Back in the day that wasn’t the case but woman still pushed to be politically active.

Although women did not have the right to vote, how were women politically active during the “Revolutionary Period” (from 1763 through the Revolutionary war). Provide examples from the textbook to support your thinking. Women in the era of the Revolution were responsible for managing the household. Connected to these activities, women worked in the Homespun Movement. Instead of wearing or purchasing clothing made of imported British materials, Patriot women continued a long tradition of weaving, and spun their own cloth to make clothing for their families. In addition to the boycotts of British textiles, the Homespun Movement served the Continental Army by producing needed clothing and blankets. On pg. 108 it speaks of “Molly Pritcher” who reportedly took over the firing of a cannon when her husband was killed at the battle of mammoth. Also on pg. 107 the author talks of “female cross dressers” woman dressing up as men and enlisting.

You might ask why did men support these actions? Men originally left detailed instructions, urging their wives to consult male kin or neighbors. Through time, many men began to trust their wives judgment woman themselves often made reference to their own competence, and some even ignored their husbands directions. Male and female roles were becoming less sharply defined.

How did women’s political actions during the Revolutionary period help create the concept of Republican Motherhood? The states and the new nation we are now free of British legal statutes and could theoretically construct laws in keeping with the new emphasis on protecting individual rights. As as woman stood up for their rights the impact of education and legacy of the revolution, religion was crucial in the new conception of the white woman how to rising in the last after the 18th century. Rather than discouraging women from domestic pursuits, education was expected to improve the chances for a suitable and happy marriage. But many of the women educated at the new academies apparently were inspired to move the on the households year. Some became writers, missionaries, the reformers, and a substantial number became teachers themselves, pursuing jobs that offered the pursuing jobs that offered the earliest form of professional opportunity for American women. The ideology of republican motherhood and the educational reforms it inspired again a long process of expanded opportunities for women. Eventually woman would demand opportunities to learn as much as, and even alongside, men.

How did this concept impact Rush’s and Murray’s ideas about women’s education? It increased expectations as well as the limits to new ideas about women’s education. How do you explain the difference between Rush and Murray’s ideas. Rush- his ideas were tailored to the perceived future roles of women.His views were progressive for his time, when many people thought that too much learning might “unsex” a woman and make her unfeminine. He also stated, the influence of female education would still be more extensive and useful in domestic life. Saw women’s education primarily as a tool for promoting the family and the public good. Murry- more radical! She called for an education that would help women be self-reliant and even self-supporting. Purview was also something contributing to women’s independence to reverence of self she also shared the assumption that most women would marry and have children and that women’s improved education would make them better wives and virtuous Republican mothers.

Gender roles always play a part in society. Large-scale policy changes, programs and laws are a way to reduce gender-based disparity, but for an organizer – and for civil society – the most important, step is to empower women to raise their voice. By coming together, discussing their issues, engaging with governance, and making an informed vote, women can truly come to yield political power. The challenge, however, lies in emphasizing shared struggles associated with gender, rather than falling into divisions of socio-economic class. Through the discussions, women have found a space to spark a more constructive and inclusive society. Now to keep it moving I guess we will have to just wait it’s 2016 we are in election year and have our first female on the ballot for President! It only took leaps and bounds to make it to this point Where we just might over come gender rolls.


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