Generate concept Map and a synthetic literature review writing homework help

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Assignments 1&2: Generate a synthetic concept map of the following 4 readings. Generate 2500 words synthetic literature review about the state of knowledge in this field(s). (your word count does not include reference list or annotations)

1. Prepare a concept map that relates concepts within articles and between articles. This is a visual representation of the field (s) as defined by the four articles. A concept map is a visual representation of ideas and the relationships between them. Choose what you see as the central concept and then map out the related elements in whatever structure makes sense to you. Consider a wide range of possible concepts, including actors, events, places, texts, questions, data, etc. When you think you’ve placed all the relevant concepts on your map, go back and evaluate it. What’s missing? Are there relationships between concepts that aren’t represented? Are concepts clustered in ways that are meaningful to you? Rearrange the configuration of you map, if necessary.

Complete your map using whatever technology you like: pen and paper, whiteboard, Word or Google Doc, or a concept mapping tool such as (Links to an external site.).

2. Literature Review drawing on the lessons from lecture and Booth et al. and from the concept map, write a synthetic literature review about the state of knowledge in the field (s) defined by the four articles you’ve been given to read. You need to accurately portray the research questions puzzling researchers within the field (s), the motivations for the research questions (why should we care), the state of theory, the state of empirical evidence, and what has been resolved and still needs to be resolved (i.e. next steps). Include a reference list formatted in APA style and an appendix that is your annotated bibliography (using a citation software, where you insert your research summary for each article into the notes field, printout your annotations and save them in word and add them to the end of your literature review.).

Readings for concept maps & synthetic literature review (find them in files):

Gartzke, E. & Weisiger, A. (2014). Under Construction: Development, Democracy, and Difference as Determinants of Systemic Liberal Peace. International Studies Quarterly, 58, 130-145.

Crescenzi, M.J.C. and Kadera, K.M. (2016). Built to Last: Understanding the Link between Democracy and Conflict in the International System. International Studies Quarterly, 60, 565-572

Choi, S.-W. (2016). A Menace to the Democratic Peace? Dyadic and Systemic Difference. International Studies Quarterly, 60, 573-577.

Weisiger, A. and Gartzke, E. (2016). Debating the Democratic Peace in the International System. International Studies Quarterly, 60, 578-585.

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