Build marketing business case

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For a n online exam on Coursera, I need to do this (using the word file attached):

To test some of the concepts and ideas that your learned during the course, please build a business case for whether Arbora Ausonia (A&A) should launch the Básico product line (word file attached). Please defend the pros and cons from the perspective of all three main stakeholders involved in this strategic marketing decision (i.e. the company, consumers, and channel partners).

In order to earn the full eight points, you should provide answers (or reasoning) touching on all of the items below:

1. Channel economics (2 points)

a. Dodot Básico

b. Private labels

2. Company analysis by launching Básico (2 points)

a. Profitability: cannibalization (worse-case scenario), best-case scenario, & likely scenario.

b. Market share

c. Effect on Brand

3. Consumer analysis (1 point)

a. Which consumers will benefit?

b. Will they understand the value proposition of each product?

4. Channel analysis (1 point)

a. Will channels want this product?

b. How will their profitability be affected?

5. Other alternatives to launching Básico? (1 point)

a. Promotions

b. Lowering Price of Etapas

c. Producing Private Labels Brands

d. Investing in communications/advertising (to enhance the Dodot brand)

6. Conclusive statement (1 point)

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