BTRA 640 University of Maryland Preclinical and Clinical Research Essay

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Write 8 to 10-page paper that discuss the challenges facing Clinical Research in developing countries. Include highlights of some of the challenges conducting clinical trials in developing countries.

What are the ethical challenges and their effects on Clinical Research? Describe how and what regulatory responses have been made to maintain the integrity of the clinical studies.

Also, discuss regulatory responses that have been made to keep these clinical studies ethically proper.

While looking at unethical medical experiments in our past and present, the standard the author will use is the lack of informed consent or the human subject were coerced in participating.

In addition, the author will determine on where we are, when it comes to medical experimentations, and predict on where we are going from here.

Ethical Challenges and their Effects on Clinical Research

Conducting trials in developing countries pose many challenges. Why?

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