book review /summary

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Book Report/Review or Summary: each student will prepare a book report and/or

critique, of no less than 5-7 pages, with proper or appropriate citations of all the sources (in addition dedicating the last page(s) to references or bibliographies. The report could be about a particular chapter or chapters, or simply about the entire book. The assignment must address and reflect the following points:

  • the authors’ thesis stated in a few sentences
  • author’s purpose in or for writing the book
  • what is the book’s methodology or approach?
  • what targeted audience does the author have in mind?
  • what is the possible conclusion that can be drawn from reading the book?
  • how would you assess the book in terms of its value and quality?
  • what is the rationale for the book, and do you agree or disagree with the author?
  • what arguments would you have to explain/justify its strength or weakness?
  • did you interview or communicate with the author, when, how, and about what?
  • share any other comments, remarks or suggestions.
  • NOTE WELL: Students are required to cite all their sources, and have the reference or bibliographic paper.

    Nwokeafor, Cosmas Uchenna. (2008). When Cultures Collide: The Challenges of Raising African Children in a Foreign Country. Collier Ville, TN: Instant Publishers Co.

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