BMGT DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. Take the quiz and share your ideas about the quiz and the questions

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Learning Activity 1 Theme One: A leadership approach is a way of looking at the world around us.

Are you a leader? The point to the quiz below is to determine if you have a leader’s perspective in your approach to situations and people. Take the quiz and share your ideas about the quiz and the type of results provided. The questions asked of you have several characteristics of a leader’s attitude that have been researched to mark a leader rather than a follower.

Review the questions and list three characteristics the test examined. Share examples of questions that support your selections of characteristics.


Are you a Leader?

In the following quiz, you are evaluated in terms of the leader and follower relationship. Take the quiz and then share your thoughts on the quiz. Consider the focus of the questions and discuss whether there are times when a leader is also a follower? Be sure to use the course readings to support your answers.


Are You a Leader or a Follower?


5 Reasons Leaders Become Followers

THEME TWO: The Diamond Model of Leadership is the frame for the GDD’s leadership picture because it presents a flexible model for effective leadership. :…

Compare the Diamond model with two other leadership models and explain how the Diamond model fits the GDD leader the best. Support your reasoning with the course readings.


What is the Diamond model?

How does it work?

Describe the major aspects of the model?

Why is the model flexible?

Why would it fit with GDD’s idea of leadership?

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