BIO 325 AUA Diversity of Life in The World Oceans Discussion

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What I want you to do is put together another list of 10 questions based on this lesson (Life in the Nekton II-note that for most of the assignments, you only had to answer 5 questions). You must include the following: your name, directions, a due date, and finally the questions. You may use my posts as a guideline, but do NOT copy-and-paste your directions! We want to see how you would put an assignment together. You will be graded in the clarity of your directions and the rigor of your questions (they should be challenging, but not impossible for a non-major to answer). I will be evaluating your understanding of this section based on the types of questions you present, so make them good! Think about the types of questions you would ask to prepare for an exam, or to quiz a colleague.

Remember, you are setting the foundation for diversity of life in the world oceans.

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