BIO 312 Homologs and Sequence Bioinformatics Term Paper

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please help with bioinformatics term paper results section please Provide a clear and complete narrative description, point by point, of each result.

Walk the reader through the results, what they mean, and how they are to be interpreted.

Provide an accurate and scientifically sound interpretation of your results using appropriate technical terms.

Attend to proper use of language, formatting, and grammar. 

Figures or tables are referred to directly in the main text.  Example: “Our results strongly suggest that Gremlin production increases as an exponential function of the number of times Mogwai are fed after midnight (Figure 1).”

A legend is written for each figure. A legend is a complete description of the figure and can stand alone from the text. Tables have a title, but not a legend.

Just provide the main results that shed light onto your research question. Not every detail. Keep focused on your research question as described in your Introduction.

Yes, it is okay to explain what your results mean, and mention their implications for the question you posed in your introduction.

An example paper by a previous student attached. This paper was written for the Fall 2019 class, so some of the details and focus might be different, especially in the methods, than what you have done. However, the overall structure, format and writing style should be helpful.

What should be in your results section:

Some overall information about the members of your gene family you analyzed:
This could include a discussion of: How many homologs per species? Average percent identity. Length of the alignment. Are there highly conserved regions in the alignment? What domains are detected? 

Figures to include and describe, discuss:
Rooted Gene tree, with domain content
Rooted Gene tree, with bootstrap support
Gene tree: notung reconciliation
Gene tree: notung reconciliation displayed as rechplyovisu

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