behavioral intervention plan

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Course Project: Behavior Intervention Plan

Since Week 2, you have been engaging in a series of weekly assignments to help you prepare for the development of a Behavioral Intervention Plan—your Course Project.

  • In Week 2, you viewed a video of the child exhibiting problem behavior and wrote an operational definition of the behavior you observed.
  • In Week 3, you recorded the simple frequency (how many times it occurred) of the behavior you defined in Week 2.
  • In Week 4, you used a more organized observational system (e.g., partial interval, whole interval, monetary time sampling) to get a better understanding of the behavior.
  • In Week 5, you reviewed information gathered from behavioral interviews with the child’s parent and teacher so that, along with the observational data from Weeks 2–4, you were able to identify the function of the behavior.
  • Now, using all of the data you acquired during these weeks, along with information learned via class lectures, discussions, and readings, you will develop a Behavioral Intervention Plan to help ameliorate the incidence of the problem behavior.

Your Behavioral Intervention Plan should also accomplish the following:

  • Draw on content from Weeks 6, 7, and 8.
  • Incorporate concepts of generalization and maintenance from Week 9.
  • Be consistent with the ethical standards explored in Week 10.

Your Behavioral Intervention Plan should be structured as follows:

  • Identify information on the child (provided)
  • Background information on child (provided)
  • Discussion of behavioral assessment, including the results of the functional assessment you conducted in Week 5
  • Detailed description of the recommended intervention, including a review of the literature supporting your intervention
  • The methodology you plan on using (e.g., ABA, multiple baseline design) to evaluate the effectiveness of your intervention

Be sure you develop you Behavioral Intervention Plan using APA formatting. You can find information on scholarly writing in the APA manual and at the Walden Writing Center website. Also see “Policies on Academic Honesty” in Walden University Policies and Information in the Course Home.

To prepare:

  • Review your Assignments and Instructor feedback for all weeks leading up to this point.
  • Search the Internet and available literature for research on behavioral interventions used with children engaging in the target behavior you identified.
  • Consider all of the important components of the project listed above to ensure you incorporate them into your project.

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