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1) Describe the natural history and unique physical characteristics
of the thylacine. What it ate, where it lived and what did it look like?
What were the reasons or factors that caused them to eventually go

2) In your opinion, what could have been done to stop the
extermination of the thylacine? Can you think of another predator today
that is being exterminated as a result of man’s fear and ignorance?
hint: they are an American species just recently introduced to the
Northern Rocky Mountains. Do a google search and write about this
current issue. Who? Where? Why?

3) Describe the passenger pigeon’s natural history and the
factors that caused it to go extinct. How does it’s story compare with
the thylacine?

4) List and explain the four common characteristics that
certain species have that may make them more vulnerable to extinction
than other species as discussed in the lecture. Give examples of each.

5) Write about your thoughts on the theory that we are headed for the
6th mass extinction. Explain what is meant by the 6th mass extinction.
Why should we care?

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