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Critical Thinking Assignment 2

Choose either Option A, Option B, or Option C: [worth 200 points] Option A: Evaluating Resources [worth 200 points] View the video “A Consumer’s Guide to Sourcing in News Reports” from The News Literacy Project at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1A46_Zd_wk Research the Internet to obtain 3 online sources that support your position on an issue. Apply each the […]

Synthesis Paper: Doctoral Identity

In Topic 2, you were asked to read three articles on the topic of doctoral identity and to complete an annotated bibliography to demonstrate their understanding of the material. In Topic 3, you were asked to take this process a step further and identify themes found in the three articles and to complete a synthesis […]

Identify At least Three Sociological Concepts After Watching the Provided Videos

The Aging Connection How to Begin: Watch the videos below: Pinetop Perkins (95) at Notodden Bluesfestival 2008 What does the older worker bring? StreetFilms-Portland: Older adults bike program Older adults see benefits from tutoring young children Task: Write a paper that identifies at least three sociological concepts that are alluded to in the videos, pulling […]

Song Journal Entry

Devote 100 words to each song, for a total of 300 words. Your writing should be succinct and to the point, free of idle words and expressions. Avoid colloquialisms and grandiose wording, but do not be rigid. Do not use citations; just write in your own words–Please, do use such an already small word count […]

Ty9 annotated bibliography

 FOCUS – ADDRESSING BIAS AND RACISM OF BLACK MEN IN LEADERSHIP AND EMPLOYMENT This is NOT A SUMMARY this needs to be an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY  Use the Attached Template and structure an annotated bibliography APA 7th edition format of the Article attached YOU CAN ONLY COMPILE INFORMATION FROM THE ARTICLE ATTACHED!!!! 250 words EXAMPLE OF […]

read the case then answer the question

read the case in attach then answer the question 4 (include a,b,c) please answer with 1 full page, at least 2 reference. read the case in attach then answer the question 4 (include a,b,c) please answer with 1 full page, at least 2 reference. read the case in attach then answer the question 4 (include […]

Kennings worksheet questions

On the worksheet you will be given short excerpts from a Beowulf translation and asked to identify both the kennings the common nouns they replace. 1- find two kennings in this passage He sang who knew tales of the early time of man, how the Almighty made the earth, fairest fields enfolded by water, set, […]

Individual education plan

 Assessment Description Follow the instructions and complete Standards 5-7 of the “IEP Performance Template.” Base the IEP on the student you are following throughout your student teaching placement. All identifiable student information should be replaced with pseudonyms for confidentiality. IEP Performance Standards 5-7 must be completed by the end of Week May 6 APA format […]

Health Individual Project 2

Healing Hands Hospital is an acute care community hospital that serves a suburban community outside of a large city with two competing large academic medical centers. Both Healing Hands Hospital and the academic medical centers have a long history of service to the region, but their business and fundamental practices are different. Your manager, Ms. […]