Assignments 4

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Assignment A


discussion questions for Thorne and Luria’s work, “Sexuality and Gender in Children’s Daily Worlds”.

(See Attached Files Below.)


Assignment B


Review the “Cultural Diversity around the World” text box on pg. 83 in the Henslin Essentials Text (textbook), and answer the “For Your Consideration” questions.

Length: Varies; answer questions completely; grammar is graded

1) How do the sworn virgins of Albania help to explain what gender is? Apply Functionalism: How was this custom functional for this society?

2) Apply Symbolic Interactionism: How do symbols underlie and maintain a women’s shift to becoming a man in this society?

3) Apply Conflict theory: How do power relations between men and women underlie this practice?


Socialization_Ch_3_CV.pptx –

Thorne and Luria_Sexuality_Gender_DQ.docx –

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