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Q1: (500 words)

The right to privacy is a commonly discussed theme in the United States. The
word privacy, however, does not appear in the United States Constitution even
though it is explicitly listed as a right in the constitution of several
states. Is this one of the “rights” guaranteed by implication in the
constitution? In addition to the existence of a right to privacy, we need to
consider its scope. Does the right to privacy imply a right to ______ (for
example, abortion or to contraception, or for assisted suicide, etc.)

For this discussion choose one topic ( the one I choose is right
to use contraception)
found in Chapter 3 starting on page 48. Do
we have a “right” to privacy and what does this mean? Is there a legal right to
privacy? A moral right to privacy? Support your stance with theories and
terminology from the assigned reading.

Q2: (500 words)

The Harm Principle states: “The only purpose for which power can be
rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his
will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is
not a sufficient warrant” (Ethics 1st Edition, p. 81).

Given this definition consider legalized gambling and a person that has an
addiction to gambling. You next door neighbor, Sarah Jones, has been going to
Bingo 7 nights a week and stays about even with money spent versus money won.
She has done this for over 3 years. Recently, she has started going to the
casino after Bingo to play the slots. Over the past six [6] months she has lost
over $85,000. She has taken a second mortgage on her house, she has a note on
her vehicle which was paid in full, and she has started selling items out of
her home. She has three [3] minor children and besides not being at home in the
afternoons or evenings she does not always have enough nutritious food in the
house. There are lots of cereals, microwave meals, and “junk” food.
Her children do not always have clean clothes and often get to school late in
the mornings, something that had not occurred in the past.

Does the Harm Principle apply to Sarah and her behavior?

Ethically do you feel should do something, take action? What and why? Or if
not why not?

Morally do you think a next door neighbor that observes minor children at
risk should take some action? Why or why not?

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