Assessments tests.

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please 4 Paragraphs for each assignment and two references. I provided 2 for assignment 1& 4

Assignment 1


you have not already done so, review the “Strong Interest
Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report,” linked in the
Resources for this discussion. Describe how you would present the
assessment results for Jane Sample. Be certain to provide a
description of what the inventory measures, including what it can and
cannot determine. As a final task, incorporate Osborn’s (2012)
cross-cultural research to address ethical considerations in
administering career assessments to diverse populations.

the “Strong
Interest Inventory Profile and Interpretive Report
prepared for Jane Sample in preparation for the first discussion in
this unit.

Assignment 2

and Aptitude Assessment

and aptitude assessments serve distinct, but potentially
complimentary purposes. Both are often administered in a group
setting. Summarize how these assessments are distinguished in
professional practice, including the implications of group
administration. Incorporate one scholarly peer-reviewed article from
the Capella Library addressing the application of achievement or
aptitude assessments in counseling settings.

Assignment 3

Assessment Results

part of the study activity for this unit, you completed the COPE
Inventory and scored your own results. This assessment tool is a
research instrument without norms or standardized scores. After
reviewing the article by Carver et al., discuss what strategies you
used to interpret your results. You do not need to reveal what your
specific results were. If you were to use this assessment tool with a
client, how could the results help a client make changes to their
coping strategies?

Carver, Weintraub, and Scheier’s 1989 article, “Assessing
Coping Strategies: A Theoretically Based Approach
from Journal
of Personality and Social Psychology

Assignment 4

Assessment Techniques

assessment can utilize objective (structured) or projective
techniques. Explain how these techniques are different and why
results from both types of tests may provide a richer set of data.
How could this data apply in the counseling setting where you will

S. C. (2016). Principles
and applications of assessment in counseling
ed.). Boston, MA, United States: Cengage Learning.

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