Art research

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I Need a full grade on each Paper.

For each assignment should be 6 papers minimum.

Three different assignments in this question, each one should be separate; Example 1, Example 2, and example three.Extra Credit Papers

Often students express interest in earning extra credit toward raising one or more exam grades. Further, some students want the freedom to be able to pick their own topics. That sounds like a great idea because it will make for much more interesting reading from my end.

As you know, this course has eight exams covering certain specified chapters in the textbook and a Final Exam which covers all but a few. If a student wants to raise a particular exam grade, he or she should review the chapters for that exam and choose a topic which applies to one of those chapters. Be creative and try researching something which interests you.

Example 1: If a student wants to raise his/her grade for Exam 1 (which covers Chapters 3 and 4), one topic on which to write a research paper might be to compare and contrast how artists portray space in two dimensional media through implied depth, linear perspective and atmospheric perspective.

Example 2: If a student wants to raise his/her grade for Exam 4 (which covers Chapters 12, 13 and 14), one topic on which to write a research paper might be architecture as an art form including discussing developments and processes that changed construction over the last two hundred years.

Example 3: If a student wants to raise his/her grade for Exam 5 (which covers Chapters 15, 16 and 17), one topic on which to write a research paper might be to compare and contrast the art of the Middle Ages to that of the Renaissance.

Because I’m giving students the leeway to choose their own topic(s), I just want you to run your paper idea by me BEFORE you write / submit anything. (Be sure to follow the guidelines spelled out in the Extra Credit section in the Syllabus). If you want to raise your Final Exam grade, you may develop a topic on any of the chapters from the text–again, just check with me first.

Each paper will potentially raise one exam grade and, theoretically, students may submit up to eight (which corresponds with the eight exam grades). However, a student may not earn more than 100 points on any exam for which that student has submitted extra credit work. For example, if a student earns an 80 on an exam and submits extra credit work to offset that grade, the highest number of extra credit points available for that exam would be 20 points (i.e., 80 exam points + 20 extra credit points = 100 total points).

[The paper should be double-spaced, written in Times New Roman 12 point font, and have 1″ margins on the top, bottom and sides. The paper should NOT have extra spaces between paragraphs, or include any images, headers, footers or title pages. (Feel free to use the above template which includes the proper formatting for extra credit papers). Further, papers should include at least three cited sources (one of which may be the text for this course)].

As this is a research paper, all quotes and / or ideas borrowed from outside sources should be cited (i.e., papers should have either footnotes, endnotes or parenthetical citations). Quotation marks should be used as appropriate and all papers should have a bibliography or list of references at the end of the document. I am not a stickler for proper citation form, but I will not tolerate plagiarism. If any student submits plagiarized work, they will no longer be eligible to submit extra credit papers. Further, students submitting plagiarized work may possibly receive an automatic “F” in the course and may be reported to the school for disciplinary action.

Note: I routinely run all papers through SafeAssign, the college’s plagiarism prevention service.

Contact me with any questions or concerns.

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