Approach to Crisis Management: Defending an Organization’s Reputation

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Resource: The Practice of Public Relations, Ch. 17

Read the following case study and do research on from The Practice of Public Relations: (See attached file)

  • The Rise and Fall of Queen Martha (page 371)

Write a minimum 800- to maximum 850-word paper and respond to the questions at the end of your selected case study to form the basis for your response. (Use headlines for all the questions asked below) Use in-text citations according to the references used. Do not use Abstract for this paper.

  • What went well regarding the PR response to the situation?
  • What might you have recommended to improve the response?
  • Cite PR concepts from your text, ERRs, or other sources to support the points you are making.

Include two references with your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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