answer the questions about Renaissance Writer

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Please answer the following questions in a few sentences to a paragraph by watching the video and reading the poem.

Elizabeth I’s poetry(300 words): vedio:…

  1. Review the biography about Queen Elizabeth I and explain how understanding her history might contribute to your understanding of her poetry.
  2. What is the mood or tone of her poetry and how would you describe the speaker in the poems?
  3. Write a sentence or two trying to summarize the meaning of each poem and find a passage from each that you think is best representative of the meaning/story in the poem.

Lanyer’s Poem(300 words): link:…

  1. Lanyer wrote a very long poem. Write a brief summary of what the poem is about, what happens in it, and what the overall message is.
  2. Why might it be important to study this poem and poet in a class about the history of women’s literature?
  3. Find at least two passages from the poem that you think are the most important moments in her text. What is the passage, and why do you think it’s important?

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