answer each section one paragraph

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section 1


Suppose you have been asked to design a program intended to train airline flight attendant trainees in emergency evacuation procedures. You are now designing the evaluation study to show that the flight attendants understand the procedures and use them on the job. Which data collection methods do you think would be the most useful in providing this evidence? How might the type of learning outcome affect your choice of measuring learning? (1 to 2 paragraphs)


section 2


Problem 4.  English Only?

The job ad that Discrimina created to encourage legal immigrants to apply for jobs was successful. Three new machine operators are immigrants from Mexico , all who speak some English as a second language to their Spanish. They all have Vo-Tech training and are considered excellent employees. They are Luis, Carlo, and Benito.

Luis, one of the new employees, is married to Juana, an immigrant from Guatemala , who is very good with numbers. She was hired part-time to assist Eunice with inventory control and clerical tasks. After she started, Juana complained that the other two Mexican men were calling her names.  Eunice is normally the only supervisor around when the name calling takes place, and she does not speak Spanish. Juana has asked for an English only policy and Eunice thinks it might be illegal to do that.


  1. How should Eunice solve this problem? 
  2. How might the case of 
    Garcia v. Spun Steak Company provide guidelines to resolve some of the issues?



section 3


Now that you have examined some ways to succeed as a student and some strategies for leveraging information literacy skills in a job interview, it’s time to focus on using your information literacy to become a leader in your career field.

Share one career-specific way in which information literacy skills could help you become a better professional in your field. Consider what your roles and responsibilities will be in your future job – for instance, how can information literacy help you perform better?


section 4


List three products that you regularly purchase. Identify if the product has an elastic demand, an inelastic demand, or a unitarily elastic demand. Explain. Does this have any impact on your reason for purchasing the product?

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